Along with our too many visions we dream of blessing the world a society that comes up with every respect towards women and a good planet where children are allowed to live up their dream. Food, Cloth, Education – these remains as the three most important aphorisms of B.G.S. and our B.G.S. squad moves with this dream of providing and aiding the human species with these three prime necessities.
As per our motto “one has to arrange education-clothing-shelter for the poor. And the poor man has to be imparted with the capacity of self thought development. He should not be directed by any individual or institution. This is because we have observed that about 80% people have got intention to depend upon words of others blindly and they are deceived. Being victims of deceit, the parents of a family entrust their offspring unknowingly to the traffickers.
That is why we wish self development of people as well as we wish poor man should find his own way of earning money. In this way he, out of pitiable condition, would not send his woman or children to go out with others for work.
When individual man becomes self-sufficient, the whole society becomes self-sufficient”.

Anti -Human trafficking, Child Marriage, Dowry system, Child Labour promotional activity in different sector

Year College School CBO Community gathering
2016-17 04 120 240 155
2017-18 07 150 350 210
2018-19 11 185 460 235

School Awareness Programme