1. Rescue Victims Mental And Health Development Programme
  2. Food And Health Development Programme
  3. Women And Child Development Programme li>
  4. Senior Citizen Life Development Programme
  5. Sundarban Island Development Programme
  6. Cloth Distribution Programme
  7. Anti-trafficking Human Awarness Programme
  8. To rehabilitate the rescued and also other helpless poor children.
  9. Restoration Of Victim Girls And Justic For Them
  10. Preventon Of Child Marriage Awarness Programme
  11. 11. Prevention Of Dowry During Marriage
  12. Abolition Of Child Labour From The Very Begining With Care Awarness Programme
  13. Gangasagar Mella Programme
  14. Women & Children Development
  15. Food Distribution
  16. Cloth Distribution
  17. Senior Citizen Health Development
  18. To arrange free medical camp for thorough check up & proper treatments for downtrodden people.
  19. To fight against all kinds of corruptions and illegal activities in our society
  20. To fight against all types of pollutions always occurring in our surroundings
  21. To move against all kinds of social crimes and for punishment of the criminals.