Bagumukhi Gramunnayan Samity (B.G.S.) is a registered voluntary organization, registered under Societies Registration Act, 1961 in the year December 2000. The organization is involved to initiate different activities to solve the multi faced problems of the project area. The major goal of this organization is to stop eradication of trafficking of human being, Anti trafficking Awareness Programme, Restoration of victim girls and justice for them, Prevention of Child Marriage, Prevention of Dowry during marriage, Abolition of Child Labour from the very beginning with care North Bengal Development ProgrammeSundarban island Development Programmed and Ganga Sagar Mella Programme. As because, if – man makes man a commodity – this height of vile cannot be changed then how can other kinds of developments travel in their usual pace ? They cannot. And that’s why it makes B.G.S. think all the more about the inevitability of standing in protest against the

children-women trafficking which is a part and parcel of all India child & woman rescue forum since 2000-2001 keeping in view the following board objectives:

“……. we dream of blessing the world a society that comes up with every respect towards women and a good planet where children are allowed to line up their dream”

  • Prevention of trafficker
  • Protection of victims
  • Prosecution of trafficker
  • Capacity building initiatives
  • To open the door for the victims to make available proper justice & law
  • To upgrade the socio-eco health status towards enlighten future

What  is  Human – Trafficking ?

   “The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.”

(United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. April 2006.)


Trafficking Others work
Pre Trafficking Activities Post Trafficking Activities 1 Relief
1 Awareness Programme 1 Rescue 2 Old age home
i. Block Meeting 2 Rehabilitation 3 Public health Service
ii. G.P. meeting 3 Awareness
iii. School Awareness Programme 4 Restore i. Free eye treatment camp
iv. ICDS awareness Programme   ii. Free  Health checkup camp & distribution of medicine
v. SHG group Awareness programme iii. Free ECG Camp
iv. Free Blood Donation camp
vi. Market awareness
v. Organizing HB testing
vii Distribution of IEC Materials
4 Distribution Jerseys for needy football clubs
vii Ganga Sagar Mella
5 Fight against environment corruption and illegal activities
6 Fight against all type of pollution

Operational Area of B.G.S

Trafficking  Rescued  Area

Trafficking Rescued Area

About  Nadia  District

Total Population :

31, 92,695 (as per 2001 Census)

  • Male : 16, 36,002
  • Female : 15, 56,693
  • S.C. Population : 9, 97,408 (31.24%)
  • S. T. Population : 3, 30,783 (10.36%)
  • Population between 0- 6 age group : 4, 49,546 (14.08%)

Our  future  Target  (1 year )  in  Nadia  District

Sl No Activity
1 Planning Meeting
2 District level meeting
3 Block Level Meeting
4 G.P Level Meeting
5 School Level Meeting
6 ICDS level meeting
7 SSK & MSK level Meeting
8 SHG level Meeting
9 Fair & Festival
10 CBO  Level Meeting
11 Religious leaders
12 Community level meeting


During the journey in the field of development gradually BGS became involved in different sectors of development-

Different reasons for trafficking

Restore and Rehabilitations

College Programme arrange by B.G.S.

 Awareness Programme  on  I C D S

Arrange  Relief  camp  during  emergency purposes

Display  Banner  During  Durga  Puja – 2018


North 24 Pgs District

Block Area
Hingalganj 24
Sandeshkhali-I 15
Sandeshkhali-II 27
Hasnabad 14
Bashirhat-I 15
Bashirhat-II 18
Minakha 15
Dey Ganga 10
Bongoan 20
Habra-I 20
Brasat 15

South 24 Pgs District

Block Area
Gosaba 24
Basanti 25
Namkhana 13
Kakdwip 15
Canning 15
Jibantala 10
Baruipur 15
Sonarpur 20
Sagar 10
Diamond Harbour 15
Pathar Protima 10