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Calcutta University


C.I.D. / E.D. / C.B.I. investigation is very urgent to look after the fact of defalcation of 783 cores rupees of public money in the Calcutta University and also  for the following corruptions:

  1. That the authority of the Calcutta University has appointed in the post of Technical Assistant Gr. II, Assistant Librarian Gr. II, Library Attendant, etc. in the year of 2005 and onwards, but the number of employees appointed in these posts are many times greater than the actual number of vacancies prevailed at the time of appointment.
  2. That S.C. / S.T. / O.B.C. category candidates were used to be totally neglected / ignored / deprived from getting service in the  Calcutta University, because at the time of appointment from 1979, the Government Rules for  Reservation of the S.C. / S.T. / O.B.C. category are not obeyed / followed / implemented in this University. The proper roster for the above categories of employees was not at all prepared / maintained from 1979 till now.
  • That the authority of the Calcutta University has been drawing salaries of so  many non-existing employees day after day, i.e. the authority has been using to draw salaries of above 3000 employees from a long time ago, but the actual number of employees is about 1500 on an average till this date. It is the greatest example of forgery for looting public money.
  1. That the Provident Fund Act-1925 and the Act No. 47 of the Calcutta University Act – 1979, Page No. 54 are violated by the authority of this University, because personal P.F. Account Number for each and every employee in this University is not maintained till this date by which misappropriation of public money may take place.
  2. That the number of vacancies was not mentioned in the advertisement no. Est./1384/39A, dated 21.01.2004 of the Calcutta University at the time of notification for recruitment and huge number of employees which were many times more than the actual number of vacancies were appointed in the year of 2005 by the above mentioned notification. Above all, most of them have no requisite qualification. The whole thing is full of fraudulation. This greatest
  3. That so many Technical Staff in the Calcutta University are working merely clerical jobs during 9/10 years in the College Street Campus like general category of employees in spite of working in the Laboratories but getting more or less double salary than that of the general employees. It is a great example of misappropriation of huge amount of public money and this miserable fact has been occurred due to appointment of many more employees than the actual number of vacancies.
  • That during 35 years approx. no audit was made by the A.G. Bengal Local Body about many University-Funds such as U.G.C. Grants, B.C.W. Grants, Provident Funds, Pension Funds and Salary Funds etc. This fact proves that there might be some bad intention of the University Authority for defalcating public money.
  • That the said authority has appointed many OFFICERS in this University, but their posts were not sanctioned by  the State Government of West Bengal. The appointed officers have no requisite qualifications for the relevant posts. This is the example of misappropriation of huge amount of public money.
  1. That the said authority has converted some posts like Deputy Controller of Examinations, Deputy Registrar, Deputy Secretary etc. into “ Joint Controller of Examinations, Joint Registrar, Joint Secretary”  for looting higher U.G.C. Pay Scales. This is also an example for great misappropriation of public money.

My organization has been protesting against the aforesaid allegations from the very beginning i.e. from the year 2010 & I, on behalf of my organization has already submitted petitions to the  Hon’ble Chief Minister, Education Minister, Governor, Prime Minister & President of India for intervention against this misappropriation of public money . Now I wish to get social, administrative and financial help from our well wishers  to continue my movement against this largest financial scam and huge misuse and defalcation of public funds. 


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